The (Old) Photoshoot

Here you can see the usual steps of a conventional photo shoots.

1. Planning


You have to have the product ready.

The Concept

The first step, before even figuring out how you’re going to get all the elements together is to get the theme, the vibe, the set all sorted out in your mind (and in others’).

2. Preparing

Location & Logistics

Either you have to find a room that already goes with your concept or probably even easier: just build up the scene from ground up.

There are a lot of things to consider during location scouting:

  • Overall aesthetic
  • Financial cost to production
  • Logistic feasibility including but not limited to distance from base of operations or other locations scheduled
  • Available light
Production coordination

Organizing the whole crew (photographer, stylist, interior designer etc.) to be prepared for the photoshoot involves a fair amount of work.

3. Executing

So the big day arrived. Again if you are lucky, nobody gets sick and nothing will hold you back from having the photoshoot done, like this:


The limitations of the old photoshoots

Weaving time

It takes more time to weave a range of fabrics, but preparing a small sample to do virtual photoshoots is much more feasible.

More images

So far it was also not feasible to create a lifestyle and/or product image of all of your fabrics, now it is.


You want to create 100 different images of a product with 100 different fabrics. This is also not a problem anymore.

The test image

The example image that was created for one of your fabrics

When we digitize fabrics then next to the tileable jpgs (first image) we also capture the physical properties of the material (second image). This truly next generation of scanning technology enables us to create photorealistic images of fabrics that was until now not possible.

The New Photoshoot

Here you can see how the new way solves the aftermath problems.

Reusing an environment

Once we created an environment, you can easily generate new images with different fabrics on different products.

More images

A single person can finish off a dozens of lifestyle images, with just doing the planning step. A single person can also finish multiple hundreds of cut out images.


Hundreds of images of the same product with different variations. For generating images we always use your setup so consistency is always a given, and you can always decide to add new camera angles or light setups.

And of course you can generate similarly batch lifestyle images, as JOOP! did for their curtain packages.