Thank you for your interest in colormass.  Below you will find a few pricing options to choose from.  Once you decide which one suits you best you will be granted access to a demo account.  From the demo account you will be able to test out the different features of  the platform.  If everything goes well and you approve, we will bill you and begin the process of setting up your company account.  At this point you will be able to start adding your own models and materials, and begin creating product photography without a camera.

Pay As You Go

Item based pricing
  • €200 /model
  • €200 /material
  • €50 /image

Package 1

Medium volume
€6.000per package
  • 10 models
  • 10 materials
  • 100 images

Package 2

Large volume
€11.000per package
  • 20 models
  • 20 materials
  • 200 images

Package 3

Extra Large Volume
  • For larger volumes please contact a colormass representative.

Start creating product images without a camera today!

Please note that with the current version of the colormass platform you can only (!) create cut-out/silhouette/white-background images. Nevertheless the scene editing feature will be made public in the coming months. Please let us know if it is a crucial feature for you and we will inform you once it’s ready.