Here you can see some examples of product shots that were generated in different variations.

It is recognized in the furniture industry, that customers are more likely to purchase products that are presented visually. It results in more sales to present a product in its 10 available variations as opposed to presenting only 1 or 2 versions of that same product.

This is what inspired our Virtual Photoshoots for Products. It is a way for professionals from all areas (marketing, sales, creative and even photographers) to generate the images they require in a very efficient and effective manner.

Below you will see the steps that will transform the way you think about product photography.

This section describes the information we require in order to create your furniture piece in 3D.

Physical Data

In order to begin there is some important information we require and there are a few ways that we can obtain it. You can send us a few mobile phone snapshots along with some measurements, or if you have technical drawings we can use them too but the best is if you have CAD-drawings available.  All three options provide enough information for us to produce your furniture in 3D.

Fabric Samples

We require a fabric sample, ideally in A3 size, in order to determine the physical properties of that particular material.

Why do we need all of this? Because we have to digitize the form of the products (3D models) as well as the materials of the products (material shaders). To see why digitization is beneficial please continue to the next step.

This section describes the creation of your furniture piece in 3D.

Basic infos

Now that we have all the necessary information, we digitize your furniture using a process similar to modelling with clay.  From this we are able to create a library of models and materials. You can then use these models and materials to create any combination of images you would like.

Check out the video below for a clear understanding of one of the advantages of Virtual Product Photoshoots.