Virtual Photoshoots?

Instead of taking your products into a studio and photographing them in the traditional way, you can actually just send us four or five mobile phone snapshots and we create high quality marketing images that you can use on your website or in your catalogs. Below you will see some before and after images. The reference images, that is: the images that we received from our clients, are on the left, and our visualization is on the right. Now remember, all of the images on the right are computer generated.


Our task was to place the red variation of the Leya Wingback armchair in a somewhat darker environment.


A chair in a studio setup. The image highlights some of the important design elements of this furniture piece.


Our task for this project was to improve on a pre-existing render (see above).


Our task was to place the pendants (that were not yet physically manufactured) into a kitchen scene.


Here we had to visualize a sleigh bed that had been manufactured overseas but had yet to ship to its final destination.


In this instance we placed a bed, that did not previously exist in this particular variation, into a modern but classical environment.


This project tasked us with placing wall sconces into a hotel-like environment.


Here the task was to place a lamp into a room which was able to strongly emphasize the lamps dimensions.

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European Regional Development Fund

colormass is using the funds from the ProFIT program to build the sophisticated algorithms behind its digitization technology and the platform that its customers are using for creating their images.